Simulations of Ferrofluid Properties

Magnetization curves of ferrofluids with distribution of particle parameters

Our group can compute magnetization curves of ferrofluids (i.e., the dependence of the ferrofluid magnetization on the applied magnetic field) consisting of polydisperse particles, having arbitrary distribution of sized and magnetic moments. The magnetodipolar interparticle interaction and the steric repulsion between the particles is fully taken into account.

Aggregation processes

For the same systems as outlined in the previous item, we can simulate the process of the particle aggregation in ferrofluids due to the magnetodipolar interparticle interaction.

Temperature and frequency dependencies of the AC-susceptibility

Simulating the response of the ferrofluid magnetic moment to the applied ac-field using the Langevin dynamics method, we can calculate the complex ac-susceptibility of ferrofluids (for both the linear and non-linear regimes) in dependence on the frequency of the ac-field and the system temperature.