General Numerics Research Lab e.V. is a private non-commercial scientific institution. We employ numerical modeling to perform cutting-edge research in fundamental science and assist universities and other research labs in their efforts to develop modern technical and medical applications based on their scientific achievements. Members of General Numerics are highly qualified physicists, mathematicians, programmers and material scientists, each having a rich experience in his/her area of expertise. We have also a large body of peer-reviewed publications in leading scientific journals, examples of which can be found in our Selected Publications.

In a close contact with our industrial partners, we also carry out "simulations on demand", helping the companies to optimize their future technologies by employing the state-of-the-art numerical modeling of corresponding technological processes. This assistance allows our partners to save valuable time and financial and human resources, by gaining deep insights into the physics of these technological processes prior to building even prototype devices.


Solid state magnetism Ferrofluids Crystal defects


Simulations of
ferrofluid properties
Mesoscopic simulations
of crystal defects
Macroscopic simulations
of magnetic fields
Inverse problems